Intraday Cash Calls

Intraday or Day Trading means buying or selling of stocks on the same day. The Trader buys shares for just few minutes or hours. In this service, We provide you with an accurate Intraday Cash Market Calls. This service is basically for full time stock cash traders. Under this service, You will receive 4 to 6 calls a week depending on market situations. The Calls will have entry, target and stop loss levels. The position will be squared off during the day or at the end of the day. This segment is suitable for someone Who has prior experience of trading and familiar with the risk factor.

  • Cash Market Calls
  • 4 to 6 calls a Day
  • Risk Return Ratio 1:2
  • One Entry, Exit and Target Price
  • High Risk Involved

Swing Trading Calls

Swing Trading means attempt to capture the gains of price swings. It is a short term positional call, holding period could be one or several days.This service is beneficial for investors who want to earn handsome profit in a short term period. We have a solid strategy to find the stocks with good short term price momentum. In this service, You will receive 5 to 6 calls a week depending on the market conditions. The Calls will have one target and one stop loss. Profit and loss calculation is done on closing basis.

  • Cash Market Recommendations
  • 5 to 6 calls a month
  • Risk Return Ratio 1:3
  • One Target and Stop Loss
  • Short term Investment

Multibagger Calls

Stocks with huge future growth potential and can give exponential return in long term termed as Multibagger. This service exclusively focuses on identifying stocks that can give you multibagger returns over 2 to 5 years or more. This is a long term investment segment. This service is advantageous for investors who are having sufficient investible surplus and ready to invest for longer period. A stock with exponential growth potential turn into multibagger only if it held for a longer period. We do a rigorous evaluation using trend reversal signals and volume breakout strategy to select a stock. In this service, You will receive 4 to 5 calls a month depending on the market situation and investment opportunity. The calls will have one target and stop loss level, which could be revised, if required. Profit and loss calculation is done on closing basis.

  • Recommendations with Report
  • 4 to 5 calls a month
  • Buy and Hold Strategy
  • High Return Expected
  • Medium-Long Term Investment

HNI Advisory Services

Portfolio management services offer professional management of your stock market investment with an aim to deliver consistent return. This service is provided to a niche of individual clients, who has a high investible surplus. If You are willing to invest in the stock market and do not have time to create or manage portfolio then You can opt this service. Even If you already have a portfolio and not satisfied with your existing portfolio return. We are here to help you out. Your existing portfolio will be reviewed and restructured, if required. Before creating a portfolio, We find out what is your goal, risk tolerance and time frame. We personally care performance of the portfolio and revise time to time based on our Buy-Sell-Hold recommendations.

NOTE: This service is only for High Net worth Individuals. We offer this service to the limited clients only. Before subscribing this service, discussion with client is needed via email, on call if required.

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