Market Celebrating Exit Poll Euphoria: Approach Market With Great Caution!!

Date: 20-05-2019

nifty outlook
Friday:The Index opened on a positive note as expected, finally ended at 11752.80 near days high. Most sectors closed in the Green as A/D ratio was positive. After consolidation near 11100 levels, the bulls took the charge on driving seat. The Nifty made a bullish candle on the daily charts, and a Hammer like candlestick pattern on the weekly charts suggests market participants are hoping a favourable outcome. The seven phases polling finally completed. Market movement is expected to be euphoric as exit polls in favour of the NDA Government. But here one should remember its not a final outcome, this bubble may burst, anything could happen, so investors need to remain rational, do not over enthusiastic, trade with extreme caution, stay sideline is also a great deal. Protect your profits at higher levels, Watch Market with Great Patience! It's time to learn the Market not jump into the market in excitement!!

Today: The Market is likely to Start the Day with a huge gap up. The Nifty could test 11550-11600 levels or more (in case of positive results), Whereas, closing below 11259 could trigger selling pressure.

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