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HotStockDesk promoted by Dr. Chitralekha Sinha, an independent SEBI certified Research Analyst with rich experience of more than eight years in the Financial Market. She is a Post Graduate in Management and Ph.D. holder in Finance. She is actively participating in the market for many years and gained lots of experience in the market. She has witnessed major Bull runs and intervening Bear market.
We, at HotStockDesk are committed to help you to grow your money in a systematic way. We offer diversified products to suit both Trader and Investor, new or experienced.
Before making decision, You should look at our stock pick philosophy, check out in the next section...

What We Do...

What comes in your mind when You look at the word "Investment". The feeling comes is solely about profit. Here you need to understand some basic things. Investment means sacrificing something now with the aim of earning income later. Please note that Your sacrifice is certain, but return in the future may be uncertain. Uncertainty always leads to risk and fear. The moment you decide to trade or invest in the Stock Market, its demands due diligence, extensive research and study. Most of the market participants lose their harden money due to entry and exit at the wrong time, buy and sell at wrong price.
Our core principle to understand the market and stock movement is Technical Analysis. Technical Analysis is a process of identifying trend reversals at an early stage to formulate the buying and selling strategy. We as a Technician believe that market moves can be predicted with the help of Technical Analysis and it provides an opportunity for the trader & investor, new or experienced, to make money. With the help of several indicators We analyse the relationship between price-volume and supply-demand in the overall market and the individual stocks. Our strategy is based on the assumption that past prices predict the future. It is believed that all the information that need about a stock can be found in its charts. Market know everything. As a follower of Dow Theory, principles, We don't put our attention on whether a stock is undervalued or not; the only thing that matter is stocks past trading data and what information this data can provide us about where the stocks is moving in the future. We use various methods and tools to predict the price behaviour in future accurately.
We do understand that market and stock analysis might not be your strength. It can be quite difficult for you to predict future direction and trend. You may have some other important stuff in life. We value your time, all and all time is money. At this stage our role comes into the picture. We must clarify at the outset that there is no easy way to predict the prices of stocks and to become rich by outperforming in the market.
In this situation, You may believe in us. We have designed our investment and recommendation strategy in a manner which maximize your wealth along with limited risk factor. No one can ignore risk factor while you are participating in the market. We advise strict risk control strategy. You can choose our services the best suited to you according to your needs...

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